8 years ago

How Irish Seed Bombs Work

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How a seed bomb works after you have thrown it to the ground. Once the Irish seed bomb is thrown or launched to the ground, approximately three to four weeks later and a little kick-start of rainfall from mother Nature, the first flower seedlings will work their way out through the seed bomb and root into the earth below.

Seed Bombing Creates a Great Outdoor School project or better still a Birthday Treat,  and the Gift of Foods for our Bees and Butterflies. Creating wonderful new biodiversity in your own environment. No tools or hard work just Throw a few seed bombs to the ground and watch the magic happen over the coming weeks.

Throwing seed bombs is a fun and gardening activity for families and communities. Seed bombing gardening projects can also be very therapeutic and rewarding. When your seed bombs sprout into beautiful flowers as explained above, the style and if my magic the seed bombs will bring colurs to a patches of bare land, and the act of giving your time to just throwing a few seed bombs around the place, always adds a sense of excitement to gardening.

biodiversity Seed Bombing Ireland

  • Throw your seed bombs – ideally, timed to coincide with rain, so the seeds have a good start. (It’s best to use them straight away, as they could start to sprout. But if you do need to save them, keep the seed bombs in a cool, dark, dry place – and not for more than a few weeks.
  • Watch for seed bomb growth. Seedlings should be visible within two to three weeks and flowers within 12 weeks depending on rain fall.

     Few Tips and Advise When Planning and using Seed Bombs.

  • Think about the type of area you’re planning to Seed bomb. For shady spots, choose a woodland wild flower mix, for example including foxgloves or honesty. For sunny places, go for meadow wild flowers such as cornflowers, marigolds or hollyhocks.
  • BEFORE Seed Bombing  public or privately owned patches of land: seed bombing should NOT be practiced without PERMISSION on land you don’t own. But it’s a great activity for your own garden or a piece of community-owned land that you’re working to transform along side your tidy towns and villages.
  • Enjoy your seed bombing ventures and stay safe wherever you travel. Happy Seed Bombing.