January 27


Bee and Butterfly Feeder Mixture


Origin: 100% Native Irish Origin
pH range: Suits all soils, bar waterlogged or deeply shaded, but Bluebell has been added, just in case
Aspect: Sunny to light shade
Life Cycle: Contains Perennials, Biennials and Cornfield Annuals.
Height Range: 50cm – 340cm
Flowering Period: May to September
Fertility Range: All sites.
Wintergreen: Moderate

Total number of seeds per gram: 1150

Approx 27 Species Per Seed Bomb

Alexander, Burdock, Corn Marigold, Corn Poppy, Corncockle, Cornflower, Foxglove, Field Scabious, Hedge Garlic Mustard, Hemp Agrimony, Cow-Parsley, Lesser Knapweed, Mayweed, Meadowsweet, Mullein, Ox-eye Daisy,,Purple Loosestrife, Red Campion, St Johnswort, Teasel, Upright Hedge Parsley, Wild Angelica, Wild Carrot, Yarrow, Mugwort , Pokeweed, White Bedstraw.

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