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Explore the exceptional range of premium native Irish wildflower seed mixtures offered by Seed Bomb Ireland, meticulously curated to harmonize with diverse landscapes found throughout Ireland.

Whether you seek to enhance woodland areas or wetland habitats, or create a captivating garden adorned with a fusion of native Irish wildflowers and cherished cottage garden favorites.

Our seed mixtures are designed to entice a delightful array of pollinators and wildlife to your outdoor sanctuary.

Seed Bomb are delighted to supply a wide range of establishments across the island, including many Irish outlets, garden centers, online retailers, schools, colleges, community groups, passionate gardeners, and skilled landscapers.

A few of our regular supporting Patrons of Seed Bombs Ireland displayed below, and to all our wildflower seed bomb supporters we thank you so much and really appreciate your custom. As together we can all help play our part in helping restore Ireland biodiversity all around us. 

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At Seed Bomb Ireland, we prioritize sustainability in all aspects of our operations. Our packaging is Eco-friendly, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility. By incorporating our wildflower seed bombs into your landscaping endeavors, you contribute to a sustainable solution that goes beyond aesthetics.

Wildflowers possess the incredible ability to purify the soil and air from pollutants, while simultaneously preventing erosion by fortifying the soil structure. Moreover, they serve as natural sponges, effectively absorbing excess rainwater. Additionally, these blooms provide essential havens for bees, wildlife, and the marvels of nature, fostering a harmonious coexistence within your surroundings.

One-third of our 98 Irish bee species are at risk of extinction due to the loss of natural wildflower habitat. By planting for pollinators in gardens and communities. We can offer safe wildflower havens for nature and wildlife as each of us can do our little bit to help reverse the decline.

Check Out The Exciting
 Free Wildflower App

The Plant Net App features.The perfect way to get children to use their devices while learning about Biodiversity. Seed Bombs make a great outdoor birthday event, and education learning Project.

A Fantastic Free App with all Wildflower ID features!
Perfect for all Wildflowers project managers, Rural communities, Gardeners, 
Tidy Towns, Schools Projects etc, to Identify all your new wildflowers Seed bombs Species.

Wildflower Seed Bombs create a valuable link to nature for families, community gardening groups, and schools. When hands come together in nature the benefits are seen very quickly, children learn how to connect with nature and learn about the cycle of life.

Children can plant their own wildflower seed bombs in areas of the garden, nurture them along with regular watering in dry weather and watch them grow into beautiful blooms that attract all kinds of beneficial insects. Kids can watch bumblebees fill up their leg baskets with pollen and fly home with their precious baby food to feed to bee larvae. 

They can watch how bees and butterflies drink up nectar for energy, and study their own real-life nature project, recording the different pollinator species and which wild flowers they prefer.

History of Seed Bombs Wildflowers.

From Government Agencies to Agricultural Farming Communities Worldwide 
"Seed Bombs are Playing a Big role in Supporting Biodiversity" 
while developing a more sustainable future for all to enjoy.

Explore Some Videos Below To View How Seed Bombs 
Are used by Communities and Agencies Worldwide 

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 How Irish Seed Bomb Works

Government Seed Bombing
Projects back  in 2014-2017

Farmers Using Seed Bombs
to feed the Bees and Pollinators

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