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Just broadcast our new ​native Irish Wildflower Seed Bombs to the bare earth,  The seed bomb will explode into growth and develop into a beautiful display of colorful flora, No pots or gardening tools required. Growing wild flowers is so easy, and also great fun when using the new Native local wildflower food Seed Bombs.

Once the native wildflower seed bombs are thrown to the ground their germination process and mother nature takes care of the rest for you. Wildflower Seed bombs are used in local community projects, corporate event promotions, Tidy Towns, and small village projects, farm land biodiversity projects, Golf clubs, school and Collages. Seed Bombing is not new and the concept dates way back as far as 5000 years ago and is widely used worldwide today.

Seed Bombs

Our unique made in Ireland wildflower seed bomb recipe contains Irish clay, sand and 27 native Irish NON GM wildflower native seed species. Once the right weather conditions arrive for germination our little seed bombs will explode into life and grow into mini wild flower meadow havens for wildlife to enjoy. 

Wild Flower seed bombs
Seed Bombs

​Bee Bomb Bags

  ​Wildflower Organic Anicent Peat Seed Bombs. Wildflower Bee Bombs.

Seed Bombs

Seed Bomb Bags

School's and local Community programs for all ages can create beautiful wildlife friendly habitat areas in their communities and also help feed and support Ireland's pollinating insect species. Seed Bombs are a great new way to bring people together and have some "hands on" fun in their communities and around family homes whilst offering nature a helping hand. Discover more about the benefits of using seed bomb.

  Dozens of Organizations in Ireland have united to save the bees,

Signing off on a five-year plan to halt the decline of pollinators across the country.

“Unfortunately, Irish pollinators are in decline, with one third of our 98 bee species threatened with extinction,” said Dr Úna Fitzpatrick from the National Biodiversity Data Center Eire, who chaired the steering group for Ireland’s latest plan.“Bees are declining because we’ve drastically reduced the areas where they can nest and the amount of food our landscape provides for them.”The actions in the plan are based on scientific evidence from research conducted in Ireland and elsewhere. However, there are still gaps in our knowledge, which researchers will continue to investigate.

Thanks to an inspirational conservation plan, Irish communities, businesses and individuals are taking action to save Ireland’s threatened bees 2018/19.

Watch Our Video Above to Discover How Irish Seed Bomb Works

Government Seed Bombing
Projects 2014-2017

Farmers Using Seed Bombs to Develop new Local Projects

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     Please Note:   All Throw and Grow Seed Bombs are created from 100% Native Irish Wild Flower Seeds.

Annual Wildflower Species

​Borage, Candytuft, Calendula, Corncockle, Cornflower, Corn Marigold, Corn Poppy, Cornflower - Double Blue, Dwarf Sunflower, Escholtzia, Linum Rubrum, Nigella, Stock Virginia.

Perennial Wildflower Species

​Devils Bit Scabious, Field Scabious, Foxglove, Honesty, Lady's Bedstraw, Lesser Knapweed, Linaria, Meadowsweet, Ox Eye Daisy, Purple Loosestrife, Ragged Robin, Red Campion, St Johns Wort, Scentless Mayweed, Selfheal, Yarrow.

How to Use Wildflower Seed Bombs for Lawn & Garden Re-design Flower Scaping Projects

wildflower seed bomb

Discover Ireland's Top Pollinators Wild Flowers

Download a free Copy of Irish Wild Flower Meadows and see what you can achieve with seed bombs.  


Seed Bomb

Turning Our Irish Forest Floors and public parks into an Oasis of flora for our native Bees and butterflies Using Seed Bombs.

Anything is possible with Throw and Grow Irish Seed Bombs, No Tools Required. Visit Our Seed Bomb Shop

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