Wildflower Native Seed Bombs
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Made in Co Meath with local soil and native Irish seed.
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Seed Bomb Ireland's unique range of authentic Irish wildflower seed bombs are designed following ancient seed preservation methods of our ancestors, Preventing hungry wildlife creatures from eating the seeds before they can grow. 

Wildflower seeds are locked into the soil and cannot germinate until soaked in water for activation.

Simply drop or place your wildflower seed bombs onto raw soil that is free of grass and any weed growth, you can also plant in open flower beds, pots, and containers to grow a happy haven of beautiful blooms for pollinators and wildlife.

Wildflower Seed Bomb
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Seed Bomb Ireland premium range of native Irish wildflower seed mixtures is chosen to suit various Irish landscape environments,

Such as woodland and wetland areas. also garden mixtures of native Irish wildflowers plus cottage garden favorites to attract a wide variety of pollinators and wildlife species to your garden.

All of our wildflower seed bombs are crafted in Co Meath with local soil and Native Irish seed. Seed Bomb Ireland supply Irish outlets, garden centers, online retailers, schools, colleges, community groups, gardeners, and landscapers.

All Seed Bomb Ireland packaging is Eco-friendly and our wildflower seed bombs, are a sustainable landscaping solution.

Wildflowers cleanse the soil and air of pollution, they knit the soil together eliminating erosion, and soak up excess rainwater whilst providing beautiful habitat for bee, nature and wildlife.

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Wildflower Seed Bomb

One-third of our 98 Irish bee species are at risk of extinction due to the loss of natural wildflower habitat.

By planting for pollinators in gardens and communities. We can offer safe wildflower havens for nature and wildlife as each of us can do our little bit to help reverse the decline.

Green schools, Tidy Towns and local community planting groups are enjoying the benefits of planting with wildflower seed bombs.

They make it easy for all ages and capabilities to enjoy sowing native wildflower seeds. There’s no tools needed for planting wildflower seed bombs or fiddling with seeds in windy weather conditions,

the seeds are contained in their own special little soil balls for easy planting.

Wildflower Seed bombs

Wildflower seed bomb

How to grow wildflowers

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Thank you for your wonderful feedback on the Plantnet App feature.

This is a fantastic free new App with feature that will help all Wildflowers project managers, Rural communities, homeowners,
 tidy Towns, Schools Projects etc, to Identify all your new wildflowers Seed bombs Species.

Wildflower Seed Bombs create a valuable link to nature for families, community gardening groups, and schools.

When hands come together in nature the benefits are seen very quickly, children learn how to connect with nature and learn about the cycle of life.

Children can plant their own wildflower seed bombs in areas of the garden, nurture them along with regular watering in dry weather and watch them grow into beautiful blooms that attract all kinds of beneficial insects.

Kids can watch bumblebees fill up their leg baskets with pollen and fly home with their precious baby food to feed to bee larvae.

They can watch how bees and butterflies drink up nectar for energy, and study their own real-life nature project, recording the different pollinator species and which wild flowers they prefer.

Thanks to an inspirational conservation plan, Irish communities,
 businesses and individuals are taking action to save Ireland’s threatened bees.

When is The Best time to plant your Irish Wildflower Seed Bombs?

Planting in Feb- May will produce beautiful wildflower annual blooms during the Summer months to feed pollinators and give them protective habitat in weather extremes.

Planting in May/June will produce wildflower annual blooms in Autumn months, producing nectar and pollen-loaded blooms for pollinators to fuel up and sustain them through the winter months.

Planting in September - December produces wildflower annual blooms in late spring through into Summer months the following season.

Please note, this is a guide, nature always decides when its the right time to grow.

 While patience's is part of the magic to growing a beautiful wildflower haven.

Soil should be watered regularly in the absence of rainfall during Springtime for germination results. 

Wildflower seeds need plenty of water to grow initially, after a couple of months their root systems can dig deep for water reserves and they can cope well in drought conditions, unlike bedding plants that require ongoing watering.

Please note that soaking wildflower seed bombs in water for a few hours prior to planting is a good method to follow when planting in warm weather.

Year 1 wildflower annuals produce seeds that will grow the following season. Remove the plants once they have finished flowering and the seeds harvested.

Year 2 wildflower perennials grow stronger and larger each growing season.

They produce lots of seeds thanks to the work of busy pollinators. You can spread your seeds into other areas or gift them to family and friends.

Cut your perennial wildflowers back to new growth at the base of the plants and compost the old growth.

They usually regrow for a second or sometimes 3rd bloom during the Summer season, producing more seeds.

Please Store your wildflower seed bombs in a dry place until ready to plant. See further down the page how to use seed bombs.

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Wildflower Native Seed Bomb Mixtures

All Ireland Pollinator Mix

A Mix of 100% Native Irish Wildflower species.

Annual SpeciesCorn marigold, Poppy

Native Perennial species.
Birdsfoot Trefoil,
 Devil’s bit scabious, Field scabious, Ladies bedstraw, Lesser knapweed, Meadow buttercup, Meadow vetchling, Ox-eye daisy, Plantain, Purple loosestrife, Ragged robin, Red campion, Red clover, Scentless mayweed, Self-heal, Sorrel, St John’s wort perforate, Tufted Vetch, Wild carrot, Yarrow, Yellow rattle

          Support ing the All IrelantBiodiversity in Ireland. This wildflower mix is designed to create native ecological habitat for a wide range of Irish Bees, Butterflies, and many more pollinators, wild birds, and wildlife.

Exclusive Garden Bee Mix

 A Mix of 88% Native Irish Wildflower species
 and 12% pollinator friendly species.

Introduced wildflower annual species : Chamomile, Corncockle, Cornflower,
Native Irish annual Species:
Corn Marigold, Corn Poppy,

Perennial Species: Birdsfoot Trefoil, Devils Bit Scabious, Field Scabious, Lady's Bedstraw, Lesser Knapweed,Meadow Buttercup, Meadow Vetching, Ox-Eye Daisy, Plantain, Purple Loosestrife, Ragged Robin, Red Campion,Red Clover, Scentless Mayweed, Sorrel, St Johns Wort, Selfheal, Tufted Vetch, Wild Carrot, Yarrow, Yellow Rattle

     Supporting the All Ireland
        Pollinator Plan and Biodiversity across Ireland.

How to use Irish Native Wildflower Seed Bombs
 Native Irish Wildflower Seed Bombs are designed to re-introduce the lost Ingredients

 of Diversity in a large Lawns, wasteland Green Space or Park into an ecosystem.

wildflower seed bomb

Thank you for stopping by and we’d love to see your wildflower bloom results, Check out some ideas below.

Please feel free to email us your seed bomb images and we can share them with others to give them some inspiration to grow a little garden wildflower magic havens for nature and our own well-being.

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Wildflower Seed Bomb
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Turning Our Irish Forest Floors and public parks into an Oasis of flora for our native Bees and butterflies Using Seed Bombs.

Anything is possible with Throw and Grow Irish Seed Bombs, No Tools Required. Visit Our Seed Bomb Shop
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